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Discussion in 'Vlogging' started by Daniel, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Administrator Staff Member

    I have been using Epidemic Sound for my vlog channel music and am extremely happy with them. They have a Youtube Creator Subscription that is $15 per month, plus you can get 30 days free trial to see if you if it is worth it to you.

    I watch a lot of vlogs and one thing I see from many newer vloggers is they integrate music and timelapses like Casey Neistat does. The problem is a lot of Youtubers use the free-to-use Youtube audio library, and you I end up hearing a lot of the same music on the vlogs.

    Epidemic Sound is not as over-used as the Youtube Audio Library. Epidemic Sounds is constantly adding new music to their already huge library.

    Some Youtube networks offer free access to Epidemic Sounds, so if you are with a network then check to see if Epidemic Sounds is one of the perks offered.

    A common question is, "If I quit my subscription can I still use the music I downloaded from Epidemic Sounds?" I copy/pasted from their FAQ below.

    Will Epidemic Sound claim royalties or block music used in my video on YouTube?
    No, all videos uploaded using our music while you are subscribed will be cleared forever on YouTube – even if you cancel your subscription.

    If you use our music without a subscription (a.k.a: stealing) we will monetize your videos.

    If I terminate my subscription, will Epidemic Sound claim my videos on YouTube?
    All videos uploaded during an active subscription are cleared forever! However, if you use Epidemic Sound’s music for new videos without paying, we will monetize your videos.
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Administrator Staff Member

    These Youtube networks are listed as MCN's that do offer Epidemic Sound access for free. If your network is not listed then check with your MCN directly to see if they offer access to Epidemic Sounds.

    • 2btube
    • Age of Media
    • Allyance Network
    • Awesomeness
    • Bentpixels
    • Blackshore
    • Blive
    • Brave Bison
    • BroadbandTV
    • BuzzMyVideos
    • Club of Cooks
    • Creative Nation
    • Curse Network
    • Divimove
    • Diwan Group
    • ESL Video Network
    • Exonia Network
    • Family Video Network
    • Famous ID
    • Frederator
    • Freedom!
    • Fullscreen
    • Gamellon
    • Getnews
    • Kokiku TV
    • Letson
    • LifeTube
    • Loppi
    • Maker Studios
    • Maze
    • MediaCube
    • MediaKraft
    • Melberries
    • Metub Network
    • Nordic Screens
    • Omnia Media
    • Purity
    • ReachHero
    • RTL MCN
    • Scalelab
    • Spirit Media
    • Splay
    • Spreaker
    • Squared Points
    • Star Network
    • Stem Digital
    • Studio71
    • Stylehaul
    • Talent Media
    • Thoughtful Media
    • Thumb Media
    • Treasure Hunter
    • Tubeone Networks
    • Tuiwok Estudios
    • United Screens
    • UTURN
    • Very Us Network
    • VSP-Group
    • WebTVAsia
    • Whistle Sports
    • WhiteCast Network
    • Wizdeo
    • Zoonix
    • Zoopa Network
  3. Daniel

    Daniel Administrator Staff Member

    After posting this I'm considering joining a network with no lock-in contract. I pay $15 per month for Epidemic Sounds, but my vlog channel is currently earning less than a $1 each month.

    My thought is I'd save my $15 monthly cost by joining a network that offers free access to Epidemic Sounds, then when my vlog channel is earning more I can always go back to just partnering directly with Google Adsense.
  4. Daniel

    Daniel Administrator Staff Member

    I went ahead and applied to Bent Pixels. I think a good long-term relationship could develop. They offer both TubeBuddy and Epidemic Sounds.

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