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    I discovered Mia MG in the same manner I find many other first time vloggers. I type in “first vlog” in the Youtube search box and then add a search filter for today. Sometimes I’ll filter for the past month then I can see if they stuck with vlogging or if they quit uploading new vlogs.

    I look for new vlogs that are more than just a minute long, and hopefully they get off the chair and move around to other locations, preferably in public.

    Mia MG is a freshman in college and refers to herself as socially awkward. She is definitely not shy, and the social awkwardness can work towards her advantage as a vlogger and a person.

    Vlogging inreases our comfort bubble and the social awkwardness will provide unique situations not seen by many vloggers who are always trying to portray how “cool and sophisticated “ they are.

    Mia MG has 13 videos posted over the last 7 months, but this is her first vlog.

    Selected Quotes from vlog:

    “7-11, please sponsor me”

    “Tell me if you like this, if I should vlog more, because I honestly will go up to strangers, I’ll ask them what they think of me. It’ll be really fun that they run away, yeah.”

    "I just see a bunch of people going to parties and then theres me and I’m like “hi I got my ravioili I’m ready to go”

    Mia MG is a true joy to watch. She vlogged in public and was not shy about it. I am not a fan of vloggers who are always stuck in the house and never venture outside into the real World.

    Mia MG is passionate about her cookies and her enthusiasm shined through in her first vlog!

    Audio was very clear and easy to understand. She used a great thumbnail for her vlog.

    Mia mentioned that she might watch the documentary of Steve Jobs. What other college freshman is planning to watch a Steve Jobs documentary on a friday night? This girl is amazing!!

    • Good thumbnail use
    • She is not whispering to camera
    • shoots vlog holding camera correctly and not boxed off on the edges
    • enthusiastic
    • Humorous
    She dances in store holding Chef Boyardee and cookies. some people are codependent and only feel comfortable being goofy in public when they have a friend with them, but not Mia!

    She has to use her so-called “shitty” phone with minimal storage to vlog. She is making due with what she has. Many people wait to start vlogging until they have the equipment they think they need. If you want to vlog then start vlogging with what you have. You can get better equipment and vlogging gadgets in the future.

    I truly enjoyed this vlog a lot and hope that Mia MG continues to vlog on a regular basis.
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